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Sourcing the most beautiful textiles direct from Berber families, street vendors, local markets and larger Souks between Agadir and Imsouane, we offer a variety of traditionally crafted and styled rugs, blankets and throws, suitable both for home decoration and as comfy yoga blankets!

Each product is hand selected to ensure the highest quality and, we hope, the most unique design!

Our products celebrate the myths and pride of the Berber people, a deep connection to Morocco, and provide the freedom to transform any place into your home!


Berber Culture

The nomads were on the edge of the desert, sheltering from the sun in a camel-hair tent. Their dogs barked and snarled, the camels and mules swung their heads and stared. The mountains ahead were torn apart by plunging chasms and canyons. Beyond those peaks were the high pastures.


Berbers call themselves i-Mazigh-en, meaning "free people“. They migrate by following the natural cycle of grazing, and seeking water and shelter. They are thus assured with an abundance of wool, cotton and plants used for dyeing. Consequently textile production in all its phases has always dominated the everyday lives of Berber women. Besides their daily chores, which include cooking, baking and rearing children, the women produce a wide range of weavings for their families' use. More recently, they have been weaving rugs for sale in the local markets - some of which you can order from us.


Berber designs, inspired by their history and traditions, show a surprisingly rich variety, even though they use a vocabulary that is composed of simple geometric shapes, such as triangles, diamonds, zigzags, stars, crosses and chevrons. As rugs and blankets were easily transported and exchanged, they were the perfect vehicles for disseminating patterns and symbols - possessing a meaning that is unique to them and their culture. 


Giving Back

5% of every purchase made through the Berber Threads online store will be donated to Morocco Animal Aid. We are proud to support this excellent organisation in their mission in the very same areas we source our wonderful products from

"Morocco Animal Aid is a community project supporting local animal welfare charities, associations and care providers. Our members are volunteers and any funds generated is spent on providing care and medicines for the benefit of the animals.

  • Provide first line help and assistance to animals in distress and pain in our chosen area

  • To provide ongoing neutering of feral animals to reduce the population

  • To provide a continuous vaccination program to eliminate contagious and dangerous diseases

  • To promote positive animal-human contact through education and care programs

  • To collaborate with other associations and organisations to the benefit of the animals"