Silk Throw - Blues

Silk Throw - Blues

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  • 170 x 170 cm

  • Lean back and start dreaming of the Atlas Mountains: Our unique and delicate Sabra silk blankets add a one-of-a-kind Moroccan berber touch to your house. They come in four vibrant shades of blue and make an ideal bed throw, sofa spread, quilt or table cover. 

  • Sought after for centuries, Sabra or cactus silk is a luxurious fabric traditionally handmade from fibres of the Moroccon Agave Cactus, dyed with natural vegetable dye and woven with strips of organic wool and soft cotton. 

  • Having a vibrant and almost metallic shine the contrasting colors and textures of the fabrics and the fringes on two sides of the blanket immediately bring a dreamlike Moroccan vibe to your home.

  • To make it last long: wash at 30 degrees and safe to iron with a low steam iron programme (although the textile hardly creases).


* Sizes may vary very slightly, given the handmade nature of the product. We have worked to try to get sizing as accurate as possible, however. Some threads may be slightly loose. Traditionally you just pull them out if you dont want them showing, so feel free to do as the Moroccans! Thank you for your understanding!