Yoga Blanket - Light Grey
Yoga Blanket - Light Grey

Yoga Blanket - Light Grey

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  • 200 x 120 cm

  • Our beautiful light grey yoga blankets are the perfect companion for your yoga practice, a day on the beach or the chillier moments of the day!

  • Entirely made from organic cotton and exhibiting traditional berber patterns and symbols they will immediately surround you with the salty air of the Atlantic Ocean and the vastness of the Sahara desert.

  • Super soft but heavy and dense enough to be rolled or folded and used as a bolster that supports and helps with your yoga poses. When spread out they will keep you warm and cosy in restorative yoga and savasana. 

  • The blanket will also look sensational in any space as a runner, a bedspread, hanged on the wall or draped over a sofa to give your interior design a cosy, boho look.

  • To make it last long: Washable at 30 degrees and tumble dry on low or hang dry.

    * Sizes may vary very slightly, given the handmade nature of the product. We have worked to try to get sizing as accurate as possible, however. Thank you for your understanding!